David's Story

THC free CBD has brought me comfort with my addictive tendencies

My name is David Scott Tscholl and I’m 39 years old. THC free CBD has saved my life where prescription drugs failed over and over again.  Here is my story. I have struggled with anxiety, depression, insomnia, and suicidal ideation since I can ever remember, beginning at a very young age.  To help me cope with my mental health ailments, I started using marijuana and abusing alcohol, starting at 12 up to now, as I’m 39 years old.

My disease and mental health have brought me close to death on multiple occasions…

But I am still here to give my testimony as this is now my dedicated purpose in life to help others struggling.

 I’ve taken so many pharmaceutical drugs over the years I’ve lost count and even tried the latest and greatest Ketamine treatments for my depression to no avail.  I’ve been smoking marijuana since I was 13 to escape, but smoking has always made my depression and anxiety worse as similar to what alcohol does to me and my biochemical makeup.

Last year of 2019 I was so depressed, I gained 70 pounds self medicating with alcohol and marijuana, and weighed up to 230 lbs when I was the heaviest, and feeling so low it is an understatement. It wasn’t until recently that I found a new found hope living in complete sobriety (THC and alcohol free), and testing a THC free CBD product. I’d heard about CBD but was very skeptical as I’ve had such terrible experiences with THC causing anxiety, paranoia, depression, over eating, and using Marijuana as a means to escape my suffering. So the thought of trying any type of new cannabis product was the last place I thought to look for any type of relief in my pain and agony.

...it is helping me recover from depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and self medicating with drugs and alcohol

I soon learned that CBD could be offered as a THC free product from a friend which quickly garnered my attention as clearly THC has never worked for me. I started doing more research on CBD devouring books, podcasts, calling CBD companies, and taking in as much information as I could to see if it could help with my depression, anxiety, PTSD, and suicidal ideation. After looking closely at thc free CBD I pulled the trigger and decided to give the medicinal and holistic benefits of CBD a chance as I literally have tried everything else in the course of my lifetime.  I was very hesitant but placed the order for the THC free CBD and quickly learned that it was much different than the intoxicating effects of it’s closely related relative THC.

After 3 months of continuous use of the THC free CBD I can say any skepticism I had before of trying and using it is no more. I will be using THC free CBD for the rest of my life as it is helping me recover from depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and self medicating with drugs and alcohol that I never thought was possible. THC free CBD has brought me comfort with my addictive tendencies, relief from depression, anxiety, and PTSD in a non intoxicating and very subtle way.  A soothing calm is how I like to describe what THC free CBD is doing for me everyday.

My journey through mental health and addiction has finally brought me to a place where I want to spread the healing benefits of THC free CBD and to share my story with the world. I’ve lived in darkness far too long and now my passion is to educate and help people struggling with mental health issues and addiction using the amazing and holistic properties of THC free CBD as it is helping bring me out of bondage each and every day. I have begun to feel more free and alive than I’ve ever felt in my life due to living in sobriety and incorporating THC free CBD into my daily regimen.  THC free CBD does not make me high, paranoid, tired, lethargic, anxious, hungry, or depressed, ironically as THC indeed does. On the contrary it relieves me of all the things I just mentioned and have outlined in my story.

I can work and function as a healthy adult after dosing the THC free CBD without feeling high, intoxicated, lethargic, and withdrawn. Since I’ve had such a positive experience and literal awakening with THC free CBD I decided to start Urban Revival and share my story, product, and experience with the world as there are far too many souls out there suffering in need of a true REVIVAL.